Mercedes Km sınırlarını kaldırıyor!’

Mercedes-Benz Sınırsız km Garantisi
Mercedes-Benz Sınırsız km Garantisi

    All Mercedes-Benz cars sold as of January 1, 2019 were first sold in the Premium segment under the otomobil 4-year warranty without any mileage limit 1.

Vehicle owners who have been regularly repaired and repaired at Mercedes-Benz Authorized Service Centers for the first 2 years, including bodywork, are offered free of charge until the end of the 4th year.

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services
Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services.

    Mercedes Turkey, has commissioned a new application in order to move to the highest level of customer satisfaction in the automotive products group. January 1, 2019 and after all Mercedes-Benz cars sold in Turkey, without kilometer limitation began to be presented with a 4-year warranty.

A first in the premium segment

Within the scope of this guarantee application, which is a first in the premium segment; For the vehicles that come in traffic after 01.01.2019 and after, if the maintenance and repair of passenger cars, including the bodywork of the passenger cars during the first 2 years, are regularly carried out by Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services, the warranty coverage is offered free of charge until the end of the 4th year.

Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services
Mercedes-Benz Authorized Services


Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. will be repaired for all malfunctions arising from materials and assembly except the, Out of Scope “warranty, which may occur in Mercedes-Benz cars without any mileage within 24 months following the legal warranty period. paid by.




In order to benefit from the service package, passenger cars of the Mercedes-Benz must go to the Mercedes-Benz Authorized Service Centers regularly for the maintenance and repair work to be carried out until the end of the 48th month.

Under guarantee; all parts that are malfunctioning due to technical failure caused by material or installation are covered, including labor cost, and repaired free of charge under specified conditions. This new warranty period ends at the 48th month of the vehicle’s departure date.

As part of its excellent customer experience, Mercedes-Benz continues to work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and to implement new applications.



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